Webcafe on the water - BXL / 25/08/2011

Webcafe on the water - BXL

Our next Microsoft Webcafé will take place on the water. Enjoy drinks on a boat while learning more about copyrights on websites and mobile web users. This edition will also be preceded by a hands-on workshop on HTML5 Canvas and Internet Explorer 9 (http://bit.ly/pbXXmr). Join us!

Topics :


1. Demo's from the workshop winners !

2. Copyrights on your website: Ever wondered what your intellectual property rights mean for your web creations? Matthias Dobbelaere, partner & IT lawyer at Mylex (http://www.ictrecht.be) will give you a concise & basic response to the most frequent questions that concern ‘rights of others’ & ‘individual rights’.

3. Welcome your mobile web users: More and more people use their smart phone to visit your websites. Marketers love this new trend. They use the mobile web to interact with this group of young trendy mobile users. Unfortunately most websites are not mobile friendly. Comm-IT has developed a platform for creating, hosting and maintenance of mobile websites. The MobileWizard allows you to quickly create small websites, tailored to the mobile user.

4. (Optional): 14h - 17.30h : hands-on pre event on HTML5 Canvas and Internet Explorer 9 (http://bit.ly/pbXXmr)

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